Surnames added in October 2018

The following surnames were added in October

Surname Time Place Researcher
BEAMSLEY 17c Great Haseley Carole Newbigging
BRIDGES Any Drayton St Leonard Bob Bridges
CAPEL Any Any Sally Ford
CROSS 19c Minster Lovell Colin Harris
EDDLES 19-20c Oxford Colin Harris
EELES <1760 Leafield Lynn Weaver
Le FEVRE 19c Woodstock Colin Harris
LUKER 19c Appleton Colin Harris
PARSONS 19-20c Minster Lovell, Oxford Colin Harris
PECKHAM 20c Banbury Janet Owen
SIMEON Any Any George Simeon
SLATTER Any Any Andy Verey
THOMAS 19-20c Oxford Colin Harris
WATSON 1750 to 1850 Beckley Sylvia Tennant
WESTON <1761 Any Andy Verey

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