Names added in August 2022

The following surnames were added in August. To contact the researcher concerned, click on their name and follow the instructions on their profile.

ANSELLAnyAnyLesley Springate
ARLIDGEAnyOxford, DeddingtonDoreen Collins
BOWERMAN1560 to 1841AnyMichael Bowerman
CHILLINGWORTHAnyOxford, DeddingtonDoreen Collins
CROXFORDAnyAnyJudith Fitchie
DEUSTER1722LynehamChristine Elsie Dyckes
DEWSTER1722LynehamChristine Elsie Dyckes
DUESTER1722LynehamChristine Elsie Dyckes
HANDLEY1500-1750BicesterKaren Simons
HANDLYAnyAnyKaren Simons
HANDLYEAnyAnyKaren Simons
HARBROWAnyAnyGillian Newnham
JEWSTER1722LynehamChristine Elsie Dyckes
KNIBBSAnyOxford, DeddingtonDoreen Collins
LAYAnyAnyGillian Newnham
MILAM<1760AnyRichard Milam
MURREYAnyBarford St Michael, St JohnChris Prew
MYLAM<1760AnyRichard Milam
PIDDINGTONAnyAnyJudith Fitchie
PREWAnyBloxham, CharlburyChris Prew
QUARTERMAINEAnyAnyJudith Fitchie
ROUSE18th CKencot, Alvescot, LangfordHeather Bailey
SHIPPENAnyAnyJudith Fitchie
STEVENSAnyHempton, Nether Worton, DeddingtonChris Prew
TIMMSAnyAnyGillian Newnham
WALKERAnyWitneyDiana M. Wakefield Hawkins

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