Names added in July 2022

The following surnames were added in July. To contact the researcher, click on their name and follow the instructions on their profile.

ALLENAnyOxfordKeith R. Collier
AYRESAnyMarsh GibbonCarol Wilkins
BANTINGAnyAnyHelen Banham
BROOKLYNAnyAnyStephanie Brooklyn
CASTLE1780-1960Adderbury, NeithropStephanie Brooklyn
COX1800-1900NeithropStephanie Brooklyn
DE VEREAnyAnyMichael Christiaens
GUYAnyChipping NortonKeith R. Collier
HEYBOURNAnyAnyTony Heybourn
MALHAMAnyAnyRussell Malham
MELBOURNAnyOxfordKeith R. Collier
MOORING1830HeadingtonAmanda Henderson
NEVEL<1750AdderburyPeter Neville
NEVELL<1750AdderburyPeter Neville
NEVIL<1750AdderburyPeter Neville
NEVILL<1750AdderburyPeter Neville
NEVILLE<1750AdderburyPeter Neville
OXFORDAnyAnyMichael Christiaens
PENNINGTON18cAnyRick Crume
PHILLIPEAnyOxfordKeith R. Collier
RAWLINDAnyMarsh GibbonCarol Wilkins
WELLS>1750GarfordDenise Langley
WILKINSAnyBlackthorn, Bicester, Marsh GibbonCarol Wilkins

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