Names added in January 2023

The following surnames were added in January. To contact the researcher concerned, click on their name and follow the instructions on their profile.

dna next to a surname below indicates it has been registered with the DNA linking service
and the researcher is keen to find bearers of the same surname to join a DNA project.

ons next to a user below means the user has registered a one-name study of a surname
with the Guild of One-Name Studies.

ALDER<1850AbingdonRobin Fryer
AMSDENAnyAnyPeter Amsden ons
AMSDONAnyAnyPeter Amsden ons
BERRYAnyAnyRobin Fryer
BISHOPAnyAnyTerence McAndrew
BOOKERAnyAnySue Shuker
BUCKINGHAM1810’sCumnorJennifer Luff
BUCKRIDGE1700 – 1800Middle Assendon, HenleyBrian Berger
DICKS17cBampton areaBill Seary
DUNSDONAnyAnySue Shuker
EAGLESTONEAnyOxfordSteve Prewitt
EELES>1800LeafieldJenny Young
GARDNER1840’sShilton, Nr BurfordJennifer Luff
GILESAnyAnyRobin Fryer
GODDARDAnyKidlington, Woodstock, Charlton on Otmoor, Otmoor villagesMel Y
GREENE1650 – 1800Bix, Rotherfield GreysBrian Berger
HANKSAnyOxfordSteve Prewitt
HAZEL1800’sKidlington, Bicester areasJennifer Luff
HAZELL19cKidlington, Bicester areaJennifer Luff
HESTER1650 – 1800Bix, Rotherfield GreysBrian Berger
HOLDWAY1818 – 1850Woodleys, Wootton, Old WoodstockAnthony Daniels
LOVEGROVE<1825East ChallowMaggie Wilson
POOLEAnyOxfordSteve Prewitt
SHEPHEARD dnaAnyAnyLenton Simms
SHORTLAND1777 to 1820Binsey, KidlingtonTim Lund
SIGGARSAnyAnySue Shuker
SIMMS dnaAnyAnyLenton Simms
SLATTER1752OxfordDavid Slatter
SMITH>1800Shipton-under-WychwoodJenny Young
SODEN>1600AnyMargaret Soden
STANLEYAnyAbingdonRobin Fryer
STROUDLEY1700 – 1900Bix, Rotherfield GreysBrian Berger
WATTS1810’sSalford, Chipping NortonJennifer Luff
WHITEHEADAnySutton CourtenayRobin Fryer
WISE1600 – 1900Bix, Rotherfield GreysBrian Berger

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