Names added in November 2023

The following names were added in November. To contact the researcher concerned, click on their name and then follow the instructions on their profile.

HALE1681KinghamKathleen Baker
HEDGESAnyWoottonBob Hedges
KITCHINGAnyAny, Gagingwell, Woodstock,Chipping Norton, Chadlington,Lyn Rumble
LEWIS1750North AstonRobin Simmons
PAINTINGAnyAny, CharlburyLyn Rumble
RICHARDSON1700 -1964Fewcott, BicesterJim Richardson
RUTTER1700-1800AnySam R
STOWEAnyAnyLyn Rumble
THORN1650-1930AbingdonLouis Thorne
THORNE1650-1930AbingdonLouis Thorne
THORNTONAnyAny, Churchill, Headington, DeanLyn Rumble

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