Names added in December 2023

The following names were added in December. To contact the researcher concerned, click on their name and then follow the instructions on their profile.

CHAPMANC1750ChalgrovePeter Moore
CROSSE1600-1800AnyJeff Osborne
CROWDY<1826Drayton St LeonardLaura Nunes
DARKE1700-1800AnyJeff Osborne
FAULKNER>1795Nuneham CourtenayCarol Magee
GILES<1850HanneyAngie Trueman
JONES> 1795Stanton Harcourt, WitneyCarol Magee
PHIPPS<1830AbingdonAngie Trueman
PURBRICK1700-1800AnyJeff Osborne
REAVES1600-1870AnyRoberta Killeen
REEVE1600-1870AnyRoberta Killeen
REEVES1600-1870AnyRoberta Killeen
REIVES1600-1870AnyRoberta Killeen
RYVES1600-1870AnyRoberta Killeen
SLATFORD1700-1900AnyJeff Osborne
STACEYC1750ChinnorPeter Moore
TUFFREY<1800Weston on the GreenAngie Trueman
WIGGINTON<1800AnyLaura Nunes
WILKINSON<1828Drayton St LeonardLaura Nunes
YATEMAN1700-1800AnyJeff Osborne

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