Names added in October 2022

The following surnames were added in October. To contact the researcher concerned, click on their name and follow the instructions on their profile.

DEWECKE16cNewton PurcellBetty Crisp
DEWICK<1800AnyBetty Crisp
DUETWICK<1800AnyBetty Crisp
DUICK<1800AnyBetty Crisp
FLORY1780-1860StandlakeKareline Castor
JAMESAny1300-1600Lesley Springate
REDEAnyAnyLesley Springate
SHATSWELLAnyAnyGraham Satchwell
WEIGHTMAN1780-1890AnyKareline Castor
YATE1400-1800AnyRon Yates
YATES1400-1800AnyRon Yates
YATZ1400-1800AnyRon Yates
YEATES1400-1800AnyRon Yates
YEATS1400-1800AnyRon Yates

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