Surnames added in June 2018

The following names were added to OXSIL in June.


Surname Timeframe Place Researcher
BRADBURY c1500 to c1750 Horspath Charles Bradbury
COLLISON 1760 Islip, Noke William Willmot
DRING Any Chipping Norton Karen Hegan
GARDENER <1900 Swalcliffe Christine Bennett
GARDINER Any Swalcliffe Christine Bennett
GARDNER <1900 Swalcliffe Christine Bennett
GARNAR <1850 Swalcliffe Christine Bennett
GARNER <1850 Swalcliffe Christine Bennett
HARRIS 1650-1700 Wigginton Ralph Harris
HAWES 1600-present day Oxfordshire, Bicester, Oakley Dene James
HAWS <1805 Witney Watlington Dene James
HEDGES 1790 Oxford William Willmot
PADY 1300-1600 Oxford Donald Pady
RYMELL 1670-1800 South Newington Jo-Anne Page-Cote
SMITH 1870-1889 East Hagbourne Ann Orwin
STOW Any Any Karen Hegan
STRATFORD Any Wigginton Christine Bennett
SUMMERTON Any Chipping Norton Karen Hegan
UPSTONE Any Any Nigel John Upstone
WALLIS 1800-1920 Oxford Gaynor Smith
WAR <1850 South Newington Christine Bennett
WARR 19c South Newington Christine Bennett
WOR <1850 South Newington Christine Bennett


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