Surnames added in May 2018

The following surnames were added to OXSIL in May.

Surname Timeframe Place Researcher
BREWER 1800-1880 Sutton Courtney Carolyn Nimmo
CRAPPER Any Oxford Susan Toth
HUCKIN c.1700 Enstone Gemma Turner
LUDDITT Any Any Graham Ludditt
LYMATH 18c Any Janet Lymath
MAYLING 1800-1860 St Thomas Alan Wood
MILTON 1900-1990 Oxford Philip Milton
SIMMONDS 1840-1880 Stoke Row Carolyn Nimmo
SIMMONS 1780-1900 Northstoke Carolyn Nimmo
STANLEY 1600-1900 Any Stephen Stanley
STOCKFORD Any Duns Tew, Deddington, Middle Barton Anthony Stockford
TOMKYS Any Any Peter Taylor
WHEELER <1800 Shipton Amanda Dow

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