Surnames added in December 2017

 Surnames interests added in December. Surname Timeframe Place Researcher ADKINS 19C Little Bourton & nearby Malcolm Bland BEESLEY Any Hornton Diane Melvin BILES <1900 Charlbury Richard Boyles BILES <1900 Hook Norton Richard Boyles BOYLES <1900 Charlbury Richard Boyles CLEAVER c.1750s Any Diane Melvin CROFTS Any Oxford East Lynn Hotson DIXON <1800 Charlbury Richard Boyles DUNN … Read more

Surnames added in November 2017

Surname interests added in November Surname Timeframe Place Researcher ABRAHAM 1750-1850 Steeple Barton Dawn Minard ABRAM 1800-1880 Steeple Barton, Oxford Dawn Minard ADKINS 19C Bloxham Peter Adkins AKERMAN <1720 Eynsham Jenny Lockett BRAY <1800 Barford St Michael Jenny Lockett BUCKELL <1844-1872 Wychwood Colleen Slater BUCKINGHAM 1800-1880 Mid Barton Dawn Minard CAMPION <1900 Marcham D Peasey … Read more

OFHS DNA project

Posted at the request of the co-administrators of the DNA project of the Oxfordshire Family History Society The Oxfordshire DNA project is growing, now consisting of 250 members. What we really need is at least one person from every Oxfordshire surname to be a member – so we are talking of about 1500 members. If … Read more

Surnames added in September 2017

Surnames added in September Surname Timeframe Place Researcher BURDETT 1700/1800s Any Jennifer Eggleston DAY 1700/1800s Oxford, Woodstock, Eynsham, Witney Jennifer Eggleston DEMAINBRAY 1774-1839 Oxford Jennifer Eggleston ENDALL 1800s Any Jennifer Eggleston GERRING Any Bampton Nick Liddiard GIBBS 18C-19C Culham Rosalie Penn HOLLYHOKE Any Banbury Diane Yeaon JORDAN 1815-1874 Oxford, Waterstock, Enstone, Jennifer Eggleston KIRBY <1800 … Read more