OFHS DNA project

Posted at the request of the co-administrators of the DNA project of the Oxfordshire Family History Society

The Oxfordshire DNA project is growing, now consisting of 250 members. What
we really need is at least one person from every Oxfordshire surname to be a
member – so we are talking of about 1500 members. If any male with
Oxfordshire ancestry on his pure male (surname) line can contribute, we
would be very grateful. Contact us at dna@ofhs.org.uk for details.

Even more exciting is when we get multiple people with the same surname
tested and can compare their DNA. Is your surname HARRIS, SHAYLER, BARTLETT,
We are beginning to get a good DNA history on these families and need more
male testers to compare different lines of the same surname in Oxfordshire.
Contact the project on the email address above if you are willing to buy a DNA test.

Richard Merry/Sue Honore
Co-administrators of the Oxfordshire DNA project

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