Surnames added in January 2018

The following surnames were added to OXSIL in January

dna next to a surname below indicates it has been registered with the DNA linking service
and the researcher is keen to find bearers of the same surname to join a DNA project.

Surname Timeframe Place Researcher
AYRIS Any Any Chris Wake
BERRY Any Witney Clare Mayo
BLAGROVE 1775-1900 Weston on Green/Suttton Courtenay/Abingdon Jennifer Robbie
BLAKE >1800 Blewbury Sue Newell
BURDEN Any Any Chris Wake
CARTER 1770-1930 South Hinksey/Oxford Jennifer Robbie
COOPER Any Any Leanne Cooper
DIX Any Any Chris Wake
DRUCE Any Ducklington Chris Wake
FIELD 19c Charlbury Richard Boyles
FRENCH 1700-1750 Deddington Barbara Rosethorne
GARDENER 1750-1890 Appleton/Sutton Courtenay/Miltn Jennifer Robbie
GARDNER 1750-1890 Appleton/Sutton Courtenay/Miltn Jennifer Robbie
GONDOUX <1850 Charlbury Charlotte Carpenter
GRIMSDALE >1900 Abingdon Richard Grimsdale-Yates
HEDGES Any Any Chris Wake
HONEY Any Any Arron Stonham
HUDSON 1811-1966 Northmoor/Appleton/Beckley Jennifer Robbie
MERRY 1700 – 1850 Handborough Rosemary Barling
MING Any Wallingford, Thame, Oxford Jean Fincher
MINGE Any Wallingford, Thame, Oxford Jean Fincher
MORRIS >1800 Headington Sue Newell
POTTER <1800 Wigginton John Potter
POTTER <1800 Milcombe John Potter
POTTER <1800 Tadmarton John Potter
POTTER <1800 Hook Norton John Potter
ROBBINS 1730-1880 Charlbury Barbara Rosethorne
ROBBINS >1760 Kencott, Broadwell Davina Dodds
SIMPSON Any Kencott, Broadwell Davina Dodds
STICKLEY Any Any Arron Stonham
STOCKLEY 1800-1900 Hornton Barbara Rosethorne
SUTTON 1750 – 1832 Ipsden Janice Perry
SWINFORD <1855 Filkins Davina Dodds
TEW <1750 Any Vernon Tew
WAKE 1600-1800 Northmoor Chris Wake
WALLINGTON Any Salford, Chipping Norton David Wallington
WILLIS dna 1650 Wantage Gary Willis
WILSDON Any Eynsham, Handborough Rosemary Barling
YATES >1900 Abingdon Richard Grimsdale-Yates
YATES Any Faringdon Richard Grimsdale-Yates

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