Surnames added in April 2018

The following surnames were added to OXSIL in April

Surname Timeframe Place Researcher
BALMER Any Any Helen Thomas
BLEAY Any Headington Mike Brooks
BLEAY Any Marston Mike Brooks
BUSBY 1600-1668 Milton, Tew Pam Werner
CARTER Any Watlington Carol Loveday
GILES Any Any Helen Thomas
GOSBEE Any Any Carol Loveday
HARRIS 20C Wantage Fred Jelley
HOAR c.1700 Wick, Sutton Wick Sandra Lewis
HORE Any Any Sandra Lewis
HUMM Any Oxford Helen Thomas
JOY Any Any Lorraine Sterry
LAMBOURN Any Beckley Carol Loveday
ROLLS 20C Wantage Fred Jelley
SAVORY Any Any Maureen Short

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