Surnames added in June

The following surname interests were added to the Oxfordshire Surname Interest List in June:

Surname Timeframe Place Researcher
AYRES <1850 Hinton Waldrist, Marcham Sarah Baker
AYRIS <1850 Hinton Waldrist, Marcham Sarah Baker
BAKER <1880 Kidlington, Oxford Mark Bletchly
BAYLIS <1860 Somerton, Stratton Audley Sarah Baker
BAYLISS <1860 Somerton, Stratton Audley Sarah Baker
BUSBY Any Any Kevin Winman
CHANDLER <1700 Oxford Beverly Walker
CHILTON Any Banbury Mark Bletchly
EAST 1650-1850 Enstone, Banbury André East
ENGLISH <1900 Oxford Diana Charlton
GOLDER Any Somerton and surrounding areas Beryl Buckley-Golder
HARRIS <1900 Oxford, Eynsham Barbara Jones
HAWKES <1800 Somerton Sarah Baker
HILL <1700 Warborough, Benson, Roke Hannah Leamy
HILL >1870 Bix, Henley Hannah Leamy
HORRELL Any Any Tracey Horrell
KNIGHT <1860 Banbury Mark Bletchly
LINES <1810 Banbury, Bodicote Mark Bletchly
MATTHEWS 1826-1842 Oxford St Thomas The Hamel Stephen Goldsmith
MOORE <1850 Horspath Sarah Baker
NICHOLLS Any Any Christine Young
PERRINPERIN 1750-1860 Witney, Fulbrook Jennifer French
PICKETT 19c Witney Susan Lean
RAVEN Any Any Tracey Horrell
SANDELL Any Kidlington Lauren Bavin
SOUCH Any Chadlington, Spelsbury, Taston, Fulwell Stephen Wiggins
TIMMS <1900 Kirtlington, Oxford Barbara Jones
VONTHETHOFF 1750-1870 Any John Winchester
WINCHESTER 1700-1900 Any John Winchester
WINMAN Any Any Kevin Winman
WIXON >1800 Any Kevin Wixon

You’ll find the most up-to-date list of recently-added surname interests here.

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