Surnames added in August 2018

The following surnames were added in August

Surname Timeframe Place Researcher
ALLEN 1772-1870 Deddington, the Bartons H M McMullin
BEECHAM <1900 Longworth Nikki Eagle
BISHOP <1900 Abingdon, Dorchester, Hagbourne, Northmoor Nick Higton
BUCKINGHAM Any Eynsham David Floyd
CLIFTON 19c Northmoor Nikki Eagle
COLES 1600-1800 Kidlington Rosemary Barling
DIXSEY <1850 Northmoor Nick Higton
FLOYD Any Eynsham David Floyd
FLOYD Any Cumnor David Floyd
GASCOINE 19c Witney, Cumnor, Northmoor Nikki Eagle
GASKINS 19c Witney, Cumnor, Northmoor Nikki Eagle
GILES 1760-1860 Hampton Poyle H M McMullin
GODDARD 1871-1929 Oxford Terrill Riley-Gibson
HEATER Any Aston Rowant Charles Bradbury
HESTER Any Aston Rowant Charles Bradbury
HOW Any Horspath Charles Bradbury
HUTT <1870 Longworth, Draycott Moor Nikki Eagle
LINDSEY Any Lindsey Farm, Cogges Christine Setchell
LODER ANY Cote, Aston, Bampton Peter Harris
PAINTON 19c Longworth Nikki Eagle
SAWYER Any Any Charles Bradbury
SHARPE Any Any Charles Bradbury
SMART Any Abingdon Kristine Iverson Valk
SMITH <1850 Drayton St Leonard Nick Higton
TILLING Any Chipping Norton Paul Tilling
TUCKER <1900 Longworth Nikki Eagle

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