Surnames added in December 2016

The following surname interests were added to the Oxfordshire Surname Interest List in December:

Surname Timeframe Place Researcher
ALLUM Any Any Andrew Jolly
BAKER 1600-1800 Bicester Sue Thompson
BAKER Any Banbury Sue Thompson
BLOHAM c1750; <1870 Deddington, Wigginton Christine Reynolds
BLOXHAM <1820 Tadmarton, Bloxham, Wiggington Eryl Bloxham
BOWELL c1750; <1870 Over Worton Christine Reynolds
DIGWEED Any Wallingford, Benson Andrew Jolly
HUMPHRIES Any Any Janet Cox
HUMPHRISS >1800 Stratton Audley Janet Cox
KNIBBS c.1772 Stratton Audley Janet Cox
LINE 1600-1850 Any Martin Line
LOVESAY <1900 Any Angela Fortnum
LOVESEY <1900 Any Angela Fortnum
PARGITER <1750 Tadmarton, North Newington Judy Evans
READINGS Any Wallingford Andrew Jolly
RYMALL <1700 Any Angela Fortnum
SQUIBB <1875 Ewelm Andrew Jolly
TAYLOR 1700-1800 Bicester Sue Thompson
TIMBERLAKE <1820 Beckley Charles Whitehead
WARRICK Any Wallingford Andrew Jolly
WARWICK Any Wallingford, Moulsford Andrew Jolly
WHITEHEAD <1899 Headington, Beckley Charles Whitehead
WOODLEY Any Wallingford, Crowmarsh Gifford, Newnham Murren Andrew Jolly

You’ll find the most up-to-date list of recently-added surname interests here.

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