Surnames added in January 2017

The following surname interests were added to the Oxfordshire Surname Interest List in January:

Surname Timeframe Place Researcher
ABERY c.1650 Goring Maurice Wilkins
AUGER Any Great Milton Catherine Smith
BALLARD Any Great Milton Catherine Smith
BATCHELOR 1500-1700 Banbury area David Judd
BELCHER <1750 West Hanney Barbara Cox
BOOKER 18c Denchworth Barbara Cox
BROOKER >1600 Brightwell cum Sotwell, Chilton, Richard Grimsdale-Yates
BURROWS 18c & 19c Clanfield and surrounding area Maria Haines
CARTER 18c Sunningwell Barbara Cox
CHAPMAN Any Faringdon, Oxford, Headington Sandy Mursell
CHURCH 17c Lyford area Barbara Cox
CLARK Any Coleshill Kevin Harris
COLEMAN >1850 Faringdon Grace Abrahams
COLSELL 1740-1840 Crowell John Coshall
COLSHILL 1740-1849 Crowell John Coshall
COLSIL 1740-1840 Crowell John Coshall
COSHALL 1740-1943 Crowell, Oxford John Coshall
COX 1500-1750 Wheatley Robert Cox
COX <1800 Abingdon,Culham,Wheatley Barbara Cox
DAGLEY 17c Marston Barbara Cox
DANDRIDGE Any Stadhampton Catherine Smith
DEW <1700 West Hanney Barbara Cox
DORE Any Abingdon Sandy Mursell
DUNCOMBE Any Oxford Lynne Winger
FOWLER Any Stonesfield Grace Abrahams
GEERING 18c Lyford Barbara Cox
HAYES 1800 St Ebbes St Thomas Oxford Paul Hayes
HAYNES 17c Ashbury Barbara Cox
HEDGES 18c Clanfield, Witney Maria Haines
HESTER Any Watlington Magdalene Capstick
HORTON c.1814 St.Ebbe’s Oxford Carole Ford
HUTCHINS <1660 Hanney area Barbara Cox
HUTTON 18c Bampton Barbara Cox
ILES Any Coleshill Kevin Harris
IRVING Any Russell’s Water, Henley on Thames, Pishill, Northend, Assendon Maurice Irwin
IRWIN Any Russell’s Water, Henley on Thames, Pishill, Northend, Assendon Maurice Irwin
JOHNSON Any Standlake Sandy Mursell
LAMBETH 17c Ashbury area Barbara Cox
MARTIN 1800 Eynsham Carole Price
MURREY >1700 Wroxton, Hornton, Horley, Deddington Cliff Morrey
NASH 17c Shrivenham Barbara Cox
PARGITER <1750 Tadmarton, North Newington Judy Evans
POCOCK 17c & 18c Watlington, Thatcham Rose Bennett
ROGERS 18c Cumnor Barbara Cox
SELLWOOD <1700 Eaton, Appleton Barbara Cox
SILVESTER Any Sunningwell Barbara Cox
SIMPSON 18c Abingdon Barbara Cox
SIMS <1750 Marston Barbara Cox
SMITH 1800 Eynsham Carole Price
SMITH <1850 Botley, Swinford, Shillingford Patricia Pond
SNOOK >1800 Any Frank H MUIRHEAD
STEPTOE <1700 Tackley Barbara Cox
STRANGE <1700 Charney Bassett Barbara Cox
SWAINE <1660 Marcham Barbara Cox
TAYLOR <1800 Burford Julie TAYLOR
THEOBALD Any Coleshill, East Hendred Kevin Harris
THEOBALDS Any Coleshill, East Hendred Kevin Harris
TOWNSEND 18c Ashbury Barbara Cox
VOKINS 17c Ashbury Barbara Cox
WATTS 17c Marcham Barbara Cox
WEBB <1700 Burcott area Barbara Cox
WICKS Any Vale of White Horse Barbara Cox
WILLIAMS Any Oxford Lynne Winger
WILLIAMS <1850 Abingdon Barbara Cox
WILLS 1782 Wantage, Berkshire Sandra Lewis
WILSON Any Culham, Shrivenham Sandy Mursell
WOODBRIDGE 17c Charney Bassett area Barbara Cox
WOODINGTON 1550-1900 Any Maria Haines
WOODLEY 17c Hanney area Barbara Cox

You’ll find the most up-to-date list of recently-added surname interests here.

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