Surnames added in July 2017

Surnames added to OXSIL in July 2017

Surname Timeframe Place Researcher
ABBOTTS c1780- 1820 Wroxton Jenny Deverell
ACRES 1760-1801 Witney Roy Woodcock
AIRIS <1800 Kidlington & Bodicote Gill Molyneux
ALLEN <1870 Enstone Kim Semmence
ALLEN 1500-1610 Ducklington, Oxford University Enid Florence
ALLEYNE 1500-1610 Ducklington, Oxford University Enid Florence
ALLSWORTH Any Stanton Harcourt Gerry Bolton
ARIES <1800 Kidlington & Bodicote Gill Molyneux
ARIS <1800 Kidlington & Bodicote Gill Molyneux
AUSTIN <1800 Barford St Michael Jenny Deverell
AYRES <1800 Kidlington & Bodicote Gill Molyneux
BATTS Any Stanton Harcourt Gerry Bolton
BEARD 1550-1620 Sarsden John Shelley
BEECHAM Any Curbridge Gerry Bolton
BIDMADE Any Any Mark Grace
BIDMEAD Any Any Mark Grace
BIDMEAT Any Any Mark Grace
BISHOP <1850 Chipping Norton Helen Martin
BITMEAD Any Any Mark Grace
BITMEAT Any Any Mark Grace
BLAKE <1860 Swyncombe , Les Stokes
BULL 1750 to 1900 North Newington Ian Bull
CARVEY Any Northmoor Gerry Bolton
CASTLE 1600-1650 Lyneham John Shelley
CLARKE <1850 Chipping Norton Helen Martin
CROWTON 1450 – 1910 Any Peter Croton
CROXSON Any Any Wendy Croxson
DALE <1780 South Newington Kim Semmence
DUGARD Any Any Mark Grace
DYER 1650-1800 Kencot John Shelley
GARDINER <1800 Watchfield Jenny Deverell
GIBBS Any Deddington Neil Gibbs
GILES <1600 South Newington Kim Semmence
GILLETT 1700-1880 Henley On Thames David Gillett
GOODGAME <1840 Any Robin Goodgame
GRACE Any Charlbury Michael Grace
GRACE Any Bicester Michael Grace
GUBBINS <1800 Great Rollright Kim Semmence
GYLES <1600 South Newington Kim Semmence
HARRIS <1720 Deddington Kim Semmence
HIGGS <1800 Longcot Jenny Deverell
HUCKIN 17c Kingham Jane-Marie Smith
HUNT Any Curbridge Gerry Bolton
JOHNSON 1749-1771 Northleigh Roy Woodcock
JONES Any Charney Gerry Bolton
KEEN <1820 Great Rollright, Salford, Chipping Norton Kim Semmence
LIMB c.1800 Any John Winchester
MOORE <1750 South Newington Kim Semmence
MOTT Any Cumnor Gerry Bolton
PAYTON 1700 – 1908 Abingdon Tony Edwards
PERKINS 1720-1830 Chadlington Marlene Badura
PHIPPS 1690-1800 Oddington John Shelley
PIERCEY < 1750 Nettlebed KenPiercey Piercey
PLUMB Any Over Norton, Chipping Norton Gerry Bolton
PRENTICE <1760 Deddington Jenny Deverell
PRICE 1650-1750 Burford John Shelley
RACHEL 1700-1800 Oddington John Shelley
REASON Any Fullbrook, Chipping Norton Gerry Bolton
SALMON Any Chipping Norton, Witney Helen Martin
SAVAGE 19c Chipping Norton Kim Semmence
SEWELL 19c Chipping Norton Kim Semmence
SHAYLER Any North Moreton / South Moreton Gerry Bolton
SHAYLER 1500-1700 Lyneham, Shipton-under Wychwood, Milton-under-Wychwood John Shelley
SHIERS Any Bicester Mark Grace
SLATTER 18c Great Rollright Kim Semmence
SMITH 17c South Newington Kim Semmence
SMITH <1720 Bloxham Jenny Deverell
SNELSON 18c Nether Worton Kim Semmence
STICKLEY Any North Moreton / South Moreton Gerry Bolton
TIMMS Any South Newington Kim Semmence
WATTS Any Cholsey, South Stoke Gerry Bolton
WEBB <1870 Great Rollright, Chipping Norton Kim Semmence
WEBB Any Appleton Gerry Bolton
WEST Any Cholsey Gerry Bolton
WOODCOCK 1801-1851 Witney Roy Woodcock
WOODCOCK 1749-1851 Northleigh Roy Woodcock
WOODCOCK 1749 Bicester Roy Woodcock
WOODWARD Any Kidlington, Westcote Barton Kim Semmence
WORVILL Any Over Norton, Chipping Norton Gerry Bolton

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