Surnames added in May

The following surname interests were added to the Oxfordshire Surname Interest List in May:

dna next to a surname below indicates it has been registered with the DNA linking service and the researcher is keen to find bearers of the same surname to join a DNA project.

ons next to a user below means the user has registered a one-name study of a surname with the Guild of One-Names Studies.

Surname Timeframe Place Researcher
ARGYLE c.1760 Abingdon, Marcham, Benson, Wallingford Sandra Lewis
BARNETT c.1760 Abingdon Sandra Lewis
BARRATT 1843 Standlake, Oxford Allan Young
BATEMAN 1740-1850 Eynsham Beryl Smart
BETTERIDGE < 1850 Chipping Norton Meredith Jones
BRAIN c1700 Weston on the Green Barry Coggins
BRAIN 1744-1831 Middleton Stoney Bev Perkins
BRIZE 1700-1800 Finstock, Charlbury Judy Priest
BUSBY 1650-1750 Deddington Judy Priest
BUSBY >1900 Old Headington Angie Clements
CALCUTT 1700-1850 Combe, Stonesfield Judy Priest
COGGINS c1700 Weston on the Green, Chesterton Barry Coggins
COLES <1800 Bucknell Sue Thompson
CRAKER c1700 Western on the Green Barry Coggins
DUMBLETON c1700 Weston on the Green Barry Coggins
FOX 18C Ewelme Naomi Tarrant
FREEMAN <1778 Thame, Rotherfield Peppard & Henley Lyn Nash
GEORGE 1700-1800 Witney Judy Priest
GOULDER Any Any Robert W Golder
HEDGES Any Shipton under Wychwood Claire Hedges
HEDGES 1550-1700 Shipton under Wychwood Judy Priest
HITCHCOCKS c1800 Any Barry Coggins
HOTCH 1650-1750 Deddington Judy Priest
HUDSON <1800 Oxford Kaylene Hudson
HUMPHREYS c1800 Weston on the Green Barry Coggins
JONES 1840 Chipping Norton Meredith JONES
LOCKTON 1600-1700 Woodstock Lyn Kelsey
MARCH 1600 Lower Heyford Lyn Kelsey
MARSH 1600 Lower Heyford Lyn Kelsey
NOBES 1650-1750 Combe, Stonesfield Judy Priest
PATRICK <1867 Woodstock Angela Patrick
PRATLEY Any Leafield, Tadmarton, South Newington Judy Priest
PULLEN c.1760 West Hanney Sandra Lewis
ROBERSON <1800 Any Geoffrey Roberson
SESSIONS 18C Wantage, East Hendred, E. & W. Hanney, Bampton Sandra Lewis
SHAYLER c.1734 Asthall Bruce Shayler
SMITH 1812-1900 Burford Beryl Smart
SPRATLIE <1750 Tadmarton Judy Priest
STONE Any Henley Lyn Nash
THOMAS c1700 Weston on the Green Barry Coggins
TREDWELL 1600-1700 South Newington Judy Priest
TUCKWELL 1700-1890 Burford Beryl Smart
TUFFREY c1700 Weston on the Green Barry Coggins
TURBETT 1550-1650 Tadmarton Judy Priest
WHEELER Any Filkins, Broadwell, Broughton, Poggs Ellen Frost
WIDDOWS Any Any Jennie Hull
WILLS c.1760 Wantage, Abingdon Sandra Lewis
WOODWARD c1800 Combe, Blaydon, Woodstock Barry Coggins
YATMAN <1850 Any Ann Yeatman-Reed
YETMAN <1850 Any Ann Yeatman-Reed

You’ll find the most up-to-date list of recently-added surname interests here.

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